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Get Your Body Proofed up as your Best Defense

The human body needs an exact balance of hormones to operate correctly. Hormone Balancing can increase stamina and resilience. Thyroid is the detoxification hormone. Its job is to pull toxins out of tissues so they can be eliminated them from the body. Without adequate thyroid levels, the body is less able to remove these toxins. Addressing key nutritional deficiencies is also key to a strong immune system.

Now Offering Virtual Appointments

To help keep you safe and limit your exposure, Dr. Casad and Nurse Practitioner Lang are now offering virtual appointments, to better service patients for bioidentical hormone replacement and treatment for hypothyroid conditions.
Now you can get quality healthcare from the comfort of your own home, through your computer or tablet, with no unnecessary exposure to possible health risks. You simply check in to our online waiting room while your provider is connected with you, at which point you will go into the virtual doctors office and see your provider’s caring face when she asks you how you are doing. Your visit with our providers is in real time, just like she is standing right in front of you in her medical clinic.



We are here for you.

At our clinic, we will work with you to get your hormones balanced based on your specific symptoms, lab results, and health goals.

We have decades of experience balancing hormones and we take the time and care needed to get it right.

I am looking forward to introducing you to a whole new approach to medicine.

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“You do NOT have to surrender your health, well-being and vitality to age. Hormone therapy can renew your vigor and enthusiasm for life.”
– Dr. Connie Casad.

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